Cooling Towers & Chillers Replacement

This major infrastructure upgrade included replacement of two 500 ton chillers and associated variable speed pumps and provided two new cooling towers and associated variable speed condenser water pumps.

The project commenced with a survey of the existing campus system to evaluate the current conditions, consider future growth and receive client feedback as to their system needs and operation. Their existing system which consisted of two 350 ton water cooled chillers was no longer able to meet their requirements. After evaluation, we designed for the replacement of these chillers with two new 500 ton water cooled chillers.

We also provided design for the replacement of cooling towers and all associated equipment to support the new heat rejection loads from the new chillers. A new plate and frame heat exchanger was specified for free cooling when the outdoor wet bulb temperatures warrant colder condenser water temperatures, which can be used to provide free cooling.

The design also replaced the condenser water pumps, and provided new piping to both the condenser water and chilled water hearers with automatic control valves for sequencing the heat exchanger.
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