Coin Processing Press Room

KFDE provided design to update the HVAC system serving the Press Room at the U. S. Mint. This department has multiple stations where coin stamping and processing occurs with heavy equipment producing heat loads.

The HVAC cooling load was being provided by two older 15-ton air handlers served by one 30-ton remote condensing unit which could not satisfy the current cooling load requirements. We provided design for the replacement of this equipment with new 25-ton air handlers and two new 25-ton remote condensing units.

The new system was designed to provide redundancy in the event one system failed. The new refrigerant circuits to both air handlers were specified to be dual circuited to take advantage of higher system operating efficiency due to both variable air flow and dual refrigeration staging. The existing temperature control system was not suitable to provide VFD control of the new air handlers and the dual circuit cooling for each of the new condensing units. In lieu of upgrading existing temperature controls a new temperature control system was installed.

Of special consideration on this project was the staging of construction activities to reduce potential downtime to this critical facility.
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