Energy Conservation Design

To reduce energy costs, we were asked to evaluate several facilities to identify the most cost effective and reasonable energy conservation methods that could be implemented for each facility. We looked at changes to the HVAC equipment, introduction of occupancy sensors and LED lighting, and modifications to the building to improve efficiencies. Our recommendations were then used as design/build documents for bidding and construction. Some of the recommendations included:
  • Installing a dedicated water-cooled modular chiller to provide cooling for an outlying building.
  • Installation of a chilled water storage system to reduce peak electrical demand by shifting the electrical energy consumption to off-peak hours to store chilled water for the next day.
  • Install solar water heating using evacuated tube technology to pre-heat domestic cold water for all campus electric water heaters.
  • Install lighting occupancy sensors where there is infrequent occupancy, as well as daylight harvesting systems in areas that receive sufficient natural light. All areas were identified for potential candidates.
  • Retrofit enthalpy heat wheels, approximately 80,000 CFM each, with new controls, actuators, power, temperature sensors, integration with exhaust fan sequence of operation.
  • Replace constant volume supplies and return fans with variable volume fans with NEMA premium efficient motors and VFDS.
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